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dear all,

more than 100 years ago, our neighbor japan, through the meiji restoration of road leading onto the bourgeois, than the overall national strength of china. thus, once the chinese subsidiary are resource-poor small countries begin coveted chinese jiangshan magnificent vast territory and abundant resources, they again and again by force of aggression against china, while our once great country of at this time can only be allowed to bully, because of their weak we simply can not carry out a powerful enemy resistance.

fortunately, justice will eventually defeat evil. from 1937 to 1945, the chinese people with a full eight years to give the military aggression of japanese militarism hard to combat, frenzied japanese militarism in solidarity the people and the chinese all over the world anti-fascist front of the people of the country has to the tail and bowed her head. therefore, we can say that anti-fascist war, win the entire chinese nation are a major event in the history, it is the chinese people settle down, proud of the start, but also the chinese nation sick man of east asia signs, re-stand the nation in the world forest beginning.

unfortunately, such a promising start did not go smoothly. civil war, the cultural revolution, after the war the whole world especially in asia, much of the country's economic take-off our first opportunity missed, china's development has experienced frustrations. although our lives today and has international status and sixty years ago is quite different, but we are not on the true meaning of the big country, our comprehensive national strength with japan still has a big gap between. it is for this reason, japan has always been an arrogant attitude towards china, at the sixtieth anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist war today, their governments at a correct view of history on the problem is still ambiguous attitude, prime minister junichiro koizumi's repeated visits to yasukuni shrine, members of parliament openly deny the class-a war criminals crimes. comrades, fellow students, please close your eyes, you heard right, in the war for the country sacrificed their lives for the soul of the soldiers shouted at, in the war of 35000000冤死at the soul of the people crying ... ...

say there is a famous saying goes: to forgive, but not to forget. on the one hand, in the country, national and even personal relations, grievances things everywhere, such as the heart of no forgiveness, no redress for their grievances will be translated into phase reported. on the other hand, the historical facts and should not forget the lessons of history. history will not be easy to repeat, the new framework of international relations, hysterical militarism no longer the market. but at the same time we must recognize that the war more than 60 years ago not far away from us, was the reason why japan and france blatant and wanton aggression against china, because chinese are totally weak poor, economically backward, and today, cause of war and disaster cultural genes, there are still benefits-driven, people need to remain vigilant.

at present, the third technological revolution in full swing, leap in the development of the world economy, increasingly close contact with the world the chinese are facing the best opportunity for economic development, history tells us that peace and stability in order for us to seize opportunities zhongxing of the chinese nation. on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the victory of war of resistance against japan, i think of you teachers, colleagues and students, said: war and revenge will not win our respect, unremitting, and this is our victory to celebrate, hold a memorial ceremony for martyrs, and bearing in mind the history of the best way!

thank you!


today, i speak for everyone is homeland in my heart. the from my parents, who raised my homeland. country country, there is only home country. much more appropriate say ah! so i love my homeland, more than all my love. everyone must have heard, my chinese heart this is the first well-known songs, right in particular, has been inside the lyrics have touched me deeply, the yangtze river, the great wall, mount huangshan, yellow river, heavy weight in my mind at any time, regardless of where, like the hearts of the pro. yes ah, me at any time, anywhere, please do not forget that everyone must own a chinese, there must be patriotic.

love my homeland, because i love her beautiful landscape. look, that mr. laoshe daxinganling described the boundless expanse of blue water, not only could not finish going, but also not object to watch, she brought up the number of rare birds and animals, and the number of literary production. it is no wonder that mr. lao said she did not empty the united states, but became one of the concrete construction of the united states. listening, always pour it, rolling in the yangtze river water from milk such as the general nourishment of this magical land, raising a great nation. first visit to the majestic mount tai to visit her, you would be extremely ling, list of small hills, the majestic momentum error indicates that the chinese nation will be permitted on nations of the world times and then a peaceful trip to the west lake water gently, she like wonderful, and the mind to absorb a large number of rivers of water, symbolizing the chinese nation is not correct that the character of tolerance and generosity of mind

i love her love of the motherland is not only plants, mountain water, but also love her long and splendid history and culture. five thousand years long history, the number of chinese heritage and splendid culture ah! lively and cute characters, bearing the success or failure of the chinese nation. away of the book of songs li sao let the spring and autumn scene also shows us, the tang dynasty style often linger in the mind; song, yuan catchy sound of loud reading, people at the mouth widely sung; the ming and qing dynasties as if the spirit of the novel with me to grow food. historical and cultural homeland, you are so colorful, so that .

i love the motherland is not only a brilliant long-standing love of the motherlands history and culture, but also love the people with lofty ideals of patriotism, heroes. also remember the moving story of the clank sake of the general good ear drums also vowed; still remember the no life since ancient times who die, according to khan, to retain loyalty clearance of the zhuang bold and heroic image of wen tianxiang as if still present; still remember wang zhongyuan date scheduled for the north pision, been forgotten, the earnest warning, lu you died long before the confession echoed in the mind. zhan tianyou resolutely not afraid to accept the difficult task is not afraid of ridicule; qian reputation to give up money, after a difficult return to its motherland; jewel of the unknown soldier island to the island as their home, determined to put an island built. homeland heroes and heroines are all infected with the patriotic feelings of me, inspired my patriotism.

students! let us work together to study, right with our excellent performance, excellent work by our great motherland, the mother returns, right mother never let the motherland at my heart.


今天我为大家演讲的主题是《祖国在我心中》。 生我者父母,养我者祖国。国家国家,有国才有家。说得多贴切啊!所以我爱我的祖国,胜过爱我的一切。大家一定听到过《我的中国心》这首耳熟能详的歌曲吧特别是里边有一句歌词一直深深地打动了我长江,长城,黄山,黄河,在我心中重千斤,不论何时,不论何地,心中一样亲。是啊,我无论何时,无论何地,请大家一定不要忘记自己是个中国人,一定要有爱国心。



我爱祖国不仅爱祖国悠久灿烂的历史文化,更爱爱国(本文来自中 莲山课件 http://www.5ykj.com 转载请注明!)的志士仁人,英雄豪杰。还记得岳母刺字的动人故事,精忠报国的铮铮誓言还响彻耳畔;还记得人生自古谁无死,留取丹心照汗清的壮语豪言,文天祥英勇豪迈的形象仿佛还在眼前;还记得 王师北定中原日,家祭无忘告乃翁的谆谆告诫,陆游临死前的告白久久的在脑海中回荡。詹天佑不怕困难不怕嘲笑毅然接受任务;钱学森放弃名誉金钱,历经重重困难回到祖国的怀抱;宝石岛的无名战士,以岛为家,立志把海岛建好。祖国英雄儿女们的爱国情怀处处感染着我,激励着我的爱国情怀。



victor hugo once said: the cause is noble flower, and fruit is sweet cause, let us do the cause of the leaves, because the cause of the industry is extraordinary and humble, teachers silently as the green leaves that, when the moment carved frame of the beautiful flowers.

today i also had the honor of doing the cause of the leaf, but i was still young leaves, when i set foot on this land, i hesitate, i can do please but when i saw a senior education, i can be very proud to tell you that i have no regrets today is who leaves this determination to do so is she, an ordinary teacher, a bit ordinary private kindergarten teachers - teachers twenty years ago since she labeled as child king crown, it is destined to accompany her with the ordinary, there is no substantial income, no enjoyment of luxury, there are only busy life and shoulder heavy responsibilities, in this extraordinary early childhood education position, has spent more than two dozen spring and autumn annals, he no regrets, she does not obliterate the heart of love, as a motto to inspire, and remind ourselves to constantly improve themselves.

20 years ago, a woman, in the absence of any conditions with the help of a man propped up this banner, what she has insisted this is love, love of children is a love of education, for many years, her rain or shine, as she said, so the teacher, i extraordinary, and so the teacher, i am rich, and so the teacher, i am happy, and so the teacher, i have no reason to regret this life.

she once said: every day to come into contact with a group of innocent children is a well-being. therefore, she and the children often work together to build a rectangular square has become a high-rise buildings, with mickey mouse and donald duck into the tens of thousands of households crayon green with red chalk depicting the future world, using fine silk thread woven cloth beautiful fairy tale, it is so light in young children in the fading golden childhood, but her heart will not increase with age and the disappearance of the passage of time.

i asked her when a teacher what is most needed she answered without hesitation: love, teachers are the implication of a love and dedication, the hearts of teachers, teachers of the situation should be like a rain shower flower leaves, and only in the growth of love in their hearts to their children is pure and beautiful of.

her children were very small age, poor self-care and will not wear , xu things which are silently every day for her children were doing, i remember on one occasion, a child was accidentally nails poked feet, from a thick, she mouth to suction out the child, children trousers pulled the stool, she took the children to take home for the cautious good clothes. encounter these things, she always said no, and their children are.

2002 to december 19 of a mother is the most cruel day, this day, her son, only 24 years old, was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, the teacher leaves the face of this news, the really faint passed you can not, ah, his children a few days ago it was good, how can god do that to a kind-hearted mother, ah, when all the others have insisted that the mother could not, she died of illness in children after less than a week has returned to the classroom, the children returned to the side, what is it what is a mother will allow us to do this, is love, he said, these points are not her darling baby, are her most beloved child. everyone says: teachers is too ordinary, and yes, teachers are extraordinary, but the cause is great, because they are quietly engaged in the cause of the dedication and selfless sacrifice.









there is a song called when they grow up, i became you: a child i thought you were very beautiful, led a group of birds flying. grow up you have become my only know that classrooms are flying the hope that the shou are their own nests; piece of the blackboard to write the truth, remove the utilitarian; flanagan chalk to draw the rainbow, teardrop shed is ... .. every time to hear it, sing it, my heart will be subjected to a baptism of love.

life on people from kindergarten to primary school, middle school, and even universities, there will be many teachers. pouring of love, concern about the growth of students, one teacher per common pursuit. which is one of, love of the female teachers in general are different teacher's love, she is a kind of put all the soul and intellect dedicated to children's sincere. such love is selfless, it unreservedly dedicated to all students; this love is deep, its implication for all students at doing one thing in each.

at kindergarten, we have the first teachers in life. when we are crying, it was your mother like open arms into the warm embrace of our arms; when we slept at a small bedwhen you are gently approached the bedside, as we wereangle; when we are not feeling well when you are hurriedly put our mind to the clinic.

gradually we grew up, into the school, to know more new teachers. for we grow up, your teacher work day and night, but no regrets. how many quiet nights, in order to prepare each lesson, are you seriously study materials; the number of spare time, in order to transform backward students, but also you are braving the cold heat go home visits; the number of holidays, you give up leisure time with their families , devote themselves to learning, to use all available time to self-charging.

teacher are candles for a bright and burning; teacher are gardeners, homeland for tomorrow's flowers and hard work; teacher dewdrop are constantly nourishing us this piece of green grass; teacher trees are for our; teacher are the sun, are matches, are chalk ... ... teacher, what a noble and distinguished career ah!

leaves circled in the air, write a song wonderful music, it is a large tree at its nourish the earth for thanksgiving; clouds at blue sky in the drift, painting pictures on tv drama series and pleasant pictures, that are white clouds in the thanksgiving feeding it the blue sky. since there is a teacher, we recognize the colorful world; because there is a teacher, to understand the true meaning of life, so we must know how to teacher zhien, thanksgiving.

teachers are respected thanksgiving. since ancient times, people-wei of their teachers have a heart of thanksgiving. famous scientist marie curie, nobel prize-winning twice, but she saw my primary school teachers, the immediately presented a bouquet of flowers to express her gratitude; great man mao zedong at the festive season is also usually sent to a teacher deeply grateful.

thanksgiving is on the teacher's heart. grateful do not need earth-shattering, just say your call ray considerate enough. class, the teacher sat exhausted on rostrum, students, and you can walk gently for teacherback shoulder; after school, when you find a teacher for us to sit in the offices also meticulous whenstudents, you can quietly for a cup of warm water on teacher inverted; recess, you discover that there is waste paper cuttings classroom, students, and you can easily pick it up, for teachers to create a clean teaching environment; holiday, the students , you can bring a flower for the teacher, a greeting card, it is the blessings of teacher forever ... ...

thanksgiving on the teacher is to return the society. teacher, you worked hard conscientious, quiet dedication of light and heat. ordinary is not in this insipid post on, you not only taught us the knowledge and, more importantly, it educates us in how to behave. decades, educating people for centuries, does a society, the state and the nation a useful person, it is the best reward for teachers.

students, let us together wish the world is all happy teacher happiness forever!

有一首歌叫《长大后,我就成了你》:小时候我以为你很美丽,领着一群小鸟飞来飞去。长大后我就成了你,才知道那间教室,放飞的是希望,守巢的是自己; 那块黑板写下的是真理,擦去的是功利;那根粉笔画出的是彩虹,流下的是泪滴..每次听到它,唱起它,我都会在内心经受一次爱的洗礼。

人一生从上幼儿园到小学、初中,乃至大学,会有许许多多的老师。倾注爱心,关注学生的成长,是每一位老师共同的追求。而这其中,女老师的爱是不同于一 般老师的爱,她是一种把全部心灵和才智献给孩子的真诚。这种爱是无私的,它毫无保留地献给所有学生;这种爱是深沉的,它蕴涵在为所有学生所做的每一件事 中。











in my 18 years of life, there have been many things. university days are the best part of them. i can never forget the days when i stepped into my university. i was impressed by its garden-like campus, its enthusiastic students and especially its learning atmosphere. i at once fell in love with it.

after the arduous military training, i get absolutely absorbed in my studies. the classes given by the teachers are excellent. they provide us with information not only from our textbooks but from many other sources as well. they easily arouse my insatiable desire to take in as much as i can.

frankly speaking, at first i had some difficulty following the teachers. however, through my own efforts and thanks to my teachers' guidance, i made remarkable progress. now i've benefited a lot from lectures and many other academic reports.

learning is a long process; i'll keep exploring in the treasure house of knowledge to enrich myself. this summer i got out of the ivory tower and entered the real world. a publishing house offered me a part-time job in compilation and revision.

at the beginning i was belittled by my colleagues. but they were really surprised when i translated seven english articles over 5,000 words on only one day. gradually, they began to look at me with respectful eyes. in their opinion i turned out to be a useful and trustworthy colleague.

i also realize that only those who bring happiness for others can be truly happy. so i often take part in activities concerning public welfare. i once went to a barren mountain village with my classmates. we taught the kids there who could not afford school. while showing them how broad and how civilized the outer world is, i was deeply touched by their eagerness to learn, their honesty and their purity. i couldn't control my tears on the day when we left. the precious experience with the poor kids made me aware of the responsibility on the shoulders of us, future teachers.

besides study and social practice, there are entertainments as well. i do body building every day, hoping to keep healthy and energetic. we also write a play and put it on in our spare time.

campus life is the most splendid time. but different people have different choices. the majority of students cherish their beautiful season and cherish the hope that one day they'll become outstanding. but there are indeed some students still under ignorance. they gather together for eating, drinking or playing cards. they're busy in searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. they forget completely about their mission as college students and the hope of their motherland.

finally, i do hope everybody can try their best to become a worthy citizen of the country. i do hope everybody can become the backbone of our nation and make great contributions to society!












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